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Every minute of every day, that's 1,440 times a day – 525,600 times a year, an individual, child, or family loses their home and becomes homeless. The N.S. Weaver Restoration House & Outreach Mission serve the disadvantaged and impoverished people throughout the Atlanta Metro and surrounding areas.  We provide assistance to help prevent homelessness and support those who are already homeless return to self-sufficiency and wholeness.


Mission Statement

To provide homeless women and families with temporary housing, along with physical, emotional, and spiritual support.  We are devoted to providing a loving, caring, and supportive environment; our staff is motivated to assist residents in their return to the community as productive members of society. We desire to empower those who are disadvantaged by using resources available to help them live a fulfilling and quality life.


We accomplish this by:

  • Providing emergency resources such as; food, transitional housing, clothing, financial training, mentoring, and counseling. Our holistic approach includes various methodologies that promote wholeness and emotional wellness;

  • Providing comprehensive referral and assistance services that reach beyond those of our own organization. These are complimentary parallel agencies invested in our arena of supportive services;

  • Providing safe emergency temporary housing, for individuals and families;

  • Providing community outreach services.


We seek to establish twelve restoration housing programs through various municipalities throughout the U.S. for the purpose of addressing this horrific societal problem.  Our commitment is to assist those impoverished in the community and those faced with homelessness; further to solicit others to join our M.A.D. (Making A Difference) society in combating homelessness.


The N.S. Weaver Restoration House & Outreach Mission does not discriminate. The services we provide are on a needs basis. 

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